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Get Your Essential First Steps to Real Stress Relief!

When you're overly busy, coping with a change in your world, or acting as a caregiver, stress builds up. You're trying to...

  • Juggle your schedule
  • Work around and manage other people's schedules
  • Handle your to-do list
  • Help friends
  • Deal with work
  • Care for kids or parents or pets
  • Wrap your head around a change that's happing
  • Process the emotion involved in change

And it leaves you stressed out and worn out.

You go to bed totally spent, stressed about the unfinished to-do list, buried in guilt because important things didn't get done and important people were ignored. And when you think about getting up and doing it all again in the morning, well, it just doesn't sound all that great. Definitely not the life you dream of living, and maybe one you aren't sure you can manage.

I'm Sandy Fowler. I'm a stress relief guide & I've also dealt with quite a few life stressors—the good and exciting things like raising kids, starting a business, & moving multiple times (including moving to a foreign country), as well as the tough stuff like job loss, closing a business, & mental health issues in the immediate family. 

I struggled then I learned and reduced my stress. Now I share my strategies with clients & they've reduced their stress too.

"Sandy’s words have encouraged me to trust my instincts and have given me the courage to act upon those instincts with confidence."

~ Shawn

"Sandy's approach to life in general is spot on and helpful to all mothers for simplifying their life!"

~ Marie

"Sandy cuts right through all my confusion about what to do next and how to do it. She zeroes right in on the highest priority, even when it’s something I have not yet identified, and I just find myself sighing with relief. She helps me gain clarity, keep true to my vision, stay accountable, and keep things as simple and manageable as possible. I know I’d still be lost in the forest of it all without Sandy!"

~ Nancy

Are you tired of trying various types of stress relief just to find
out it doesn't work or it doesn't last?
Do you just want to find your calm?

Then it's time to:

  • Move beyond the last technique you heard about
  • Stop doing things that don't work
  • Start doing things that give your real, long-lasting relief

Get Your Essential First Steps to Real Stress Relief!

This lesson is where I share essential information about ditching your stress. 

In Your Essential First Steps to Real Stress Relief you will: 

  • See through a major misconception about stress relief—one that keeps women tied their stress and even creates stress of its own
  • Understand your path to long-term stress relief
  • Lay a strong foundation for yourself to help you relieve your stress

This mini course is just $10 and includes:

  • Audio lessons with me talking you through those ideas, information, and steps to take. (The audio can be accessed through a private podcast so you can listen on your favorite. podcast player at home or on the go.)
  • Stress Relief Strategies which help you lay out things you can do to relieve stress, strategies that don't require more time and don't add anything to your plate.
  • Core Strategies Inventory which walks you through creating a strong foundation for a more peaceful life

Are you ready to find your calm?

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