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The Art and Science of Saying No
Ditch Guilt, Find Time, and
Enjoy Your Life More With One Little Word

I hear this over and over as I talk to women and work with my clients:

  • I’m so tired. 
  • I have too many things to do, I can’t finish it all. 
  • I’m worn out. 
  • I feel so stressed. 
  • I don't have enough time to do what I really want to do.

It is incredibly common for women to feel like they don’t have enough time to take care of their family and follow their passion. They’re run ragged, wracked with guilt, and feel like they aren’t doing anything well.

And the things that actually get done, the things they are able to make time for, aren't enjoyable or satisfying.

One of the major reasons for this is our inability to say no. Whether it’s about feeling obligated or worrying about hurting someone’s feelings, we end up saying yes to many things we actually don’t want to do or shouldn’t be doing.

When we have the option of saying no, we create more time for what matters most to us and we enjoy our life more too.

I discovered strategies for saying no when my girls were young. I was caring for my girls, my hubby, and our home, working on a passion project, and doing a ton of volunteering at my girls’ school. I was overwhelmed, losing sleep, getting snippy, and just plain worn out. My relationship with my husband was withering as I became busier and busier, saying yes over and over again to everything but him. (How could I have more time for him when my list of obligations kept growing?).

I finally figured out how to stop the gerbil wheel I was running on and I pieced together a plan for a better and happier life. And it all started with figuring out how to say no effectively and without guilt.

Hi! I'm Sandy Fowler

I'm a wife, a mom, a daughter and friend. I'm a helper who loves to volunteer. And I'm a business owner. I love my family and there are other passions I need to have in my life. Those other passions have included volunteering and my business. Don't get me wrong, I adore my girls and love being a mom. But there was always this itch or this longing in my heart to put my talents to work in other areas. I helped lay the groundwork for starting a high school at my girls' school. I led women's groups through my church. And I carved out time to be with extended family. I'm a woman who needs to love my family and have room for these other passions.

I started out coaching moms in 2007. I knew many moms who were stressed out because they couldn't finish their to-do lists--ever! I started working with them and sharing the same strategies I had used to take back my life and create time for the things that mattered most. Along the way I learned that simply using a few simple strategies could give women a lot more control over their lives. Even better, it relieved stress and created more joy. As they created the time to take care of the most important aspects of their lives, they were happier.

Those simple strategies are at the core of all my work. I use them when coaching clients and I share them when I speak to women's groups.

Recently it struck me that I didn't have to wait for a speaking engagement or limit this teaching to my 1-on-1 coaching clients, I could show you the formula I created and share a few strategies that can help you take back your life. 

When I've shared the formula at my speaking engagements I've gotten great stories from women who've put it into action. They've come back to me so excited, gushing about how they actually said no to someone. I love listening to them, seeing the joy and excitement. Even more, I love seeing them realize they can decide how to spend their time and then start to believe they can design their life.

And I want that for you! That's why I've created this live training. I want to hear more beautiful stories and see more lit up faces. I want to see you feeling free and joyful and hopeful as you see it is possible to choose how you spend your time.

The Art and Science of Saying No: Ditch the Guilt, Find More Time, and Enjoy Your Life More With One Little Word

I will present The Art and Science of Saying No in a live training on Wednesday, August 12th at 3pm EDT (2pm CT, 1pm MT, noon PT, 8pm London, Aug. 13th 5am Sidney) where I will share my formula for saying no and walk you through some additional support strategies. After you purchase the training, you'll be able to join me live online where I’ll share these simple strategies and you can ask questions. No one will see or hear you in the training. It’s a private space where you can listen, learn, and ask questions.

In this class you'll find out about:
  • A simple formula for saying no
  • A technique for discerning the right boundaries to set so saying no feels right
  • A simple process for deciding what to say yes to so you can enjoy your life again

  • The training will happen live but don’t worry if you can’t make it at that time. Everyone who registers will receive access to a recording of the training. When you attend live, you will have the opportunity to ask questions that may come up for you.

    After this training, I won't be presenting it live anymore. I'll be selling the recorded training and/or turning it into a course and the cost will go up.

    This training is for passion-driven women who are also moms who want to find time for what matters most while enjoying life more. It is not for:
    • Women who are looking for ways to get more done
    • Women who want to fit more into their day

    I won’t be sharing productivity tips or showing you how to multi-task. I will talk about making choices and being selective in where you put your time and energy. I will show you some simple strategies for grabbing the reins of your life so you can be in control and spend time on whatever matters most to you.

    If you are ready to take the reins and determine where you spend your time and energy then this is for you!

    Kind Words from Clients and Event Attendees

    "Sandy has absolutely given me back my life! In spite of my being a “self-proclaimed mess”, she has given me the tools to balance 3 successful businesses with the demands of everyday life." ~ Judy

    “Sandy’s approach to life in general is spot on and helpful to all mothers for simplifying their life." ~ Irene

    "Thank you for reminding me to do the little stress-relieving things. They make a difference." ~ Jennifer

    "Sandy cuts right through all my confusion about what to do next and how to do it. She zeroes right in on the highest priority, even when it’s something I have not yet identified, and I just find myself sighing with relief. She helps me gain clarity, keep true to my vision, stay accountable, and keep things as simple and manageable as possible." ~ Nancy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will your formula really help me? -- While I can't absolutely guarantee that, I can say that it has worked for my clients and I've gotten great feedback from event attendees. I will answer questions in the class and get you a solid footing to work from.

    How long is the training? -- The class will run for approximately 90 minutes including an extended Q&A time so I can answer all your questions.

    Will there be a sales pitch? -- Good question but no, I won't try to sell you anything. This is a training, not a sales webinar. 

    When is the training? -- The class will take place live on Wednesday, August 12th at 3pm eastern daylight time (2 pm CT, 1 pm MT, noon PT, 8 pm London, 5am Aug 13th Sydney)

    Will you be offering this training again? -- No, there will not be another live training on this topic. I'll offer the recording of the live training but you will not have the opportunity to ask questions in a class and the price will be higher.

    I know I can't attend the training live. Will there be a recording? -- Yes! If you purchase the live training you will have access to a recording of that training whether you attend live or not. You can also send in questions ahead of time for me to answer during the training.

    Will people be able to see and hear me during the training? -- The training will be run on a webinar platform so you will not be seen or heard by other attendees. You will be able to ask questions and communicate via chat but no-one can see you or whatever is happening in the background of your busy world :)

    What if I don't learn anything new? -- While my hope is that you will have some insights into your life and your happiness, if you attend the class and feel you didn't learn anything that can help you say no, find more time, or relieve some guilt in your life, then email me within a week to discuss a refund.

    Show me how to say no!

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